Prelude/Intro from THR on Today’s Posts


Who is the “Hopeless Romantic?”

I’m my mother’s only child and I mostly grew up around adults and older cousins as quite “the precocious child.”  From an early age, I learned about the world by being inquisitive.  My friends and former lovers will confirm that this is still how I learn and make sense of the world – through questions; lots of questions…and listening.  I love people.  I love hearing the perspectives of others and taking an interest in people the way some people enjoy a fine wine.  I love finding similarities between me and others and also learning something new about myself through the perspective of others and through my interactions with them.

It is my hope that my thoughts, unfiltered and unrestrained, will encourage anyone reading my words to also join this conversation.  Like Hill, I am choosing vulnerability.  As I realize and type my personal connections to his words, it is my hope that any person I directly or indirectly reference in these posts will forgive me for anything I inaccurately portray.  Please charge it against my 32 year old head and not my heart.  For those of you that don’t know me personally, I understand that this may sway your views about me in some way (or another); however, if you stay with us long enough, I believe you will come to see me/us as you see yourself…multifaceted.  I often see the glass as half-full (& half-empty); I am just as much conservative in some realms as I am liberal (though admittedly more liberal since I believe one must be liberal to allow and respect others as they seek to find their true selves just as I continue seeking my truest self).

For those of you that know me personally, you know that my newest job requires me to work quite a bit often traveling for meetings and conferences.  I often say that my work is not difficult; it’s just tedious and time-consuming.  As a result, I must make conscious decisions to put work aside to do others things that I enjoy and have agreed to do.

One of the things I wanted and agreed to do is to be a contributor to this blog.  Initially, I was very excited to blog about relationships because I spend so much time discussing relationships with men and women – family, friends and complete strangers.  Today, I decided I would use my plane ride from Atlanta to Phoenix to actually put a small dent in “The Conversation” so that I could write and post my first blog.  Since I’m not sure when my schedule will allow me to post again, I’ve decided to share several posts about my personal thoughts and experiences in regards to Part I: The Conversation Begins.  I hope you enjoy and will share your comments with us.


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